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Esther Oosting

Werbegeschenk Plüsch Nilpferd

Hopefully it is ok in English (my German is not so good).

I have a question that is NOT related to any banking issues.

I am looking for a plusch animal for my daughter, since she lost hers. It is a grey Hippo, of the German brand Sunkid. When looking for it online, I found a picture of the Hippo, with a label (Etikett) of BW|Bank attached, so I thought that it may have been a promotional gift of BW Bank.

So I was wondering if the bank still has (some of) these Hippo's - or otherwise maybe a customer who received one and does not use it. I would very much like to buy one (or more) so my daughter can go to sleep again with her favorite animal..

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  • Samstag, 28.07.2018 um 17:17 Uhr

yes, we had the hippos as a promotion gift for children. I can't tell you, if we have some of this. But you can try it at a bank branch of us. Maybe they have some. 

Best regards


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