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  • Montag, 23.10.2017 um 10:29 Uhr

Money transfer to Canada

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to transfer some money from my account in BW to my account in a Canadian bank (RBC). I checked my online banking and there is an international transfer tab. When I want to fill out the form, it asks for my IBAN. I know that there is no IBAN for Canadian accounts. What should I write in that section? Also, i would be grateful if you tell me how much would it cost to transfer 4000 Euros to Canada. Regards, H

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  • Montag, 23.10.2017 um 11:25 Uhr


don't worry, we will fix it together.

To make a transaction to a country with non SEPA, you have to use the button "Auslandsüberweisung".
This button isn't active automatically.
Please write us a secured message via online-banking and tell us, that you want to be unlocked for foreign transaction.
After we have unlocked you, you can make the transaction via "Online-Banking > Banking > Auslandsüberweisung".

Please make sure, that your limit for the amount is high enough.
You can raise it up by yourself via "Online-Banking > Service > Limitänderung".

This are the charges for orders placed electronically:

Fee for transfer                               
free     0 - 25,00 €
beyond that 1,0 ‰   min. 7,50 €
                                max. 150,00 €

Expenses                1,50 €
Brokerage fee for foreign currency  0,25 ‰ min. 1,50 € -> this is the SHARE transfer

If you choose OUR transfer there is a charge of 25,00 € in addition to all expenses.

Best regards

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  • Montag, 23.10.2017 um 15:42 Uhr
Thanks Sybille! I will try the procedure you mentioned above.